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Cinema and New Media will always play a role in popular culture as a vehicle to tell great stories, to document history and to ignite the imagination.

In 2017 we will celebrate our 30th Anniversary. For the first time in our history we are broadening our reach and looking for trusted partners to help us reach our financial goals so we can fullfill our mission to support and champion the art of Cinema in Cincinnati. 

Film Cincinnati is a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation which accepts charitable donations (tax deductible) from companies and individuals.  Monies collected are used toward the development of Film Cincinnati programs, advocacy, promotional events and to support the continued growth of local film production. Donate today and become a part of the big picture or Contact Melissa Collins (513-784-1744) for information about becoming a supporter of Film Cincinnati .

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You love movies and you love our great city so why not make a donation right now? Your support helps us fulfill our mission to support and champion the art of Cinema in Cincinnati. Film Cincinnati is a 501 c3 non-profit corporation so anything  you give is completely tax deductable. 

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30/30 Partnership program

As part of our 30th Anniversary we're looking to fill just 30 spots for our 30/30 partnership program, a bold new way for Cincinnati film lovers to help us reach our 30th anniversary fundraising goal of $900,000. A top tier contribution of $30,000 allows us to continue our mission and will be recognized on our website and at industry events. 30 of these and we’ve reached our goal.

Thank you to the following for their annual support 

The John A. Schroth Family Charitable Trust, PNC Bank, Trustee  |  The Johnson Foundation  |  Martha and Carl III Lindner  |  Hatton Foundation