Film Cincinnati’s recent trip to the Cannes Film Festival not only put the organization on the world’s cinema stage, it also became big news back home. And while the primary mission of Film Cincinnati in Cannes was to support the premiere of the Cincinnati-made film “The Killing of a Sacred Deer” and to bring even more major motion picture productions to the area, the trip also shows that what Film Cincinnati does is of major interest to our area.

A quick snapshot of the coverage leading up to, and including, the Film Cincinnati trip to Cannes shows that there were 76 media stories about Film Cincinnati as it related to the film festival, 60 of which were on the four Cincinnati-based TV stations.

Print coverage included a Nicole Kidman interview in Vanity Fair, in which she said that “To have the opportunity to get to go to Cincinnati and to work on this (The Killing of a Sacred Deer)—to me, that’s an honor and I still consider that and stay in that place of being humbled.”

Add it up, and Film Cincinnati’s trip to Cannes had an earned media value of just short of three quarters of a million dollars, with total media impressions (people who clicked on the story, saw it on television or read it in print) reaching 10,726,820.

That tells us that the Greater Cincinnati area loves films—and supports the efforts of Film Cincinnati to bring even more big names and big productions into town. It also means jobs, because more movies coming to town means more people employed—as extras, as crew members, as support staff.

To that, we say thank you. Thanks to the communities who let us use your amazing architecture and scenery, thanks to the civic leaders and first responders who keep our locations safe and thanks to those of you who support our efforts with your time and your talents. A special thank you to our major partners, including the Haile Foundation, P&G, the Lindner Foundation, Johnson Foundation and the Hatton Foundation for their support.

So to Cannes, we say merci and au revior—it’s not goodbye, it’s “until we see each other again.”