In 2017 Film Cincinnati celebrates 30 years of successful film production in our city and a grand reason to celebrate! As a result of the increased Ohio Motion Picture Incentive Program, we have been able to bring a consistent flow of productions to our area increasing local employment and spending, helping small businesses grow, and building our reputation as a quality film location.

Film Cincinnati has brought hundreds of films to Greater Cincinnati, plus thousands of commercials, music videos, documentaries and industrials. Once filmmakers choose Greater Cincinnati, Film Cincinnati helps them overcome production challenges. We involve filmmakers in our community by connecting them with local production crews and creative talent. We also facilitate permits, street closings, police, fire safety and any public or private location logistics.

Film Cincinnati’s commitment is to increase economic vitality by continuing to bring productions to Cincinnati. A steady stream of jobs will be available to local talent, local businesses will thrive creating jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. To achieve our goal, we promote Cincinnati by introducing producers and investors to our area, scouting locations and attending industry conferences and festivals.  This also includes effectively marketing our region and raising awareness of Cincinnati which will provide an ongoing project pipeline to positively affect job creation, to build tourism and attract conventions and businesses.

With all this great work comes challenges. Most people think that we get paid to produce films here. (Not true!)  Film Cincinnati is completely reliant on generous donations from our sponsors and people like you to sustain economic development and job creation in Greater Cincinnati.  In the same way that bringing film productions to the city strengthens local businesses and economies as a whole, an even more famous Cincinnati stands to see untold benefits that come along with tourism and international recognition.

We are a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation, accepting charitable donations, tax deductible, from companies, foundations and individuals.  Monies collected are used toward the development of Film Cincinnati programs, advocacy, promotional events and to support the continued growth of local film production as well as community engagement on many levels.

So thank you Cincinnati for letting us do what we do and helping us celebrate 30 years of making movies right here in our hometown.  We hope we are making you proud!